meet the press

While I shouldn’t have ventured into the political arena, still would share this advise

I think Rahul Gandhi should have more interaction with press, informal, formal and should be more accessible to the media.

He should be open to all questions and should be ready to state ignorance on the issues that are beyond his comprehension

My opinion is based on the following facts and assumptions:

  1. One of the major reasons for the success of AAP is their accessibility. And this definitely includes media. Arvind Kejriwal is not only readily available but equally readily accepts the mistakes and ignorance. This is a quality which is more humane. Hindu Gods have always made mistakes. We consider them as Gods with their mistakes.
  2. Whenever an interaction with media has appeared, Rahul has scored huge points.
  3. Once Arvind and Rahul start having open press conferences, Narendra Modi would not have any alternate but to follow suit.
  4. If Narendra Modi does not opens up, he is going to loose. If he opens up, with so many skeletons in the cupboard, he is going to be defensive. Under no circumstances, he would be willing to accept any of the mistakes – factual or administrative. This is what we know of Narendra Modi. If Rahul makes mistakes, he shall always be getting benefit of doubt or ignorance. He has never claimed himself to be perfect. If he does not makes mistakes, He is going to get benefited more than any of the two other players
  5. The risk reward ratio is hugely skewed in favor of Rahul
  6. The risk for Rahul and Arvind is that Narendra Modi may change and become more accommodating. But that would be a Good sign for India and BJP

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