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I am flabbergasted by what I just saw on TV and thought to share.

Congress is at its lowest level of popularity. With the ingovernance, policy paralysis, indecision, high inflation, low GDP, it has lost all moral and legal rights to govern the country will only get 28% of vote share. It should immediately call elections and crown hugely popular, progressive BJP decisive , strong Government which shall get a whopping 27% votes.

CNN IBN shows that BJP at huge advantage to Congress because of one and only Leader (Na bhooto Na bhavishyati..). The existing government is at its lowest point and can only go up from here. The Viraat swaroop Super Hero is most popular, efficient, development oriented, industry friendly leader. He is one and only choice of India and would get polled a Huge 34% as against some Pappu which he can win ten times over who is only choice of meagre 32%.

The condition is so pathetic for Congress that it would get ruined this election. BJP shall get 15 more seats (it is a different matter though that BJP would fall short by atleast 100 seats to get clear majority).

The Youth of India is fed up with such mis governance, corruption and old age leaders. Our 63 year young leader is clear choice of first time voters and has a huge following of 34% of first time voters. The old 44 year pappu is faaar faaaaaaaaaaaar behind and would only get 33% votes.

It projects the vote percentage of NDA at whopping 29%. It projects the UPA would merely get 29% if the elections are held today.

The performance of Manmohan Singh is so bad that only 63% still love him…

A pro BJP paper Hindu with Subramaniyam Swamy and N Ram (the bofors fame) has proved that there is a clear wave in favour of SuperMan. In case if they would not have said that, we would have sent some sena to burn their studios. After all we are a democratic country. We prove this by a Chandan Mitra who has never won a school award can always demand to strip off a Nobel Laureate from Bharat Ratna and can insist doing so for reasons best known to all of us and still has not risk of being called a sycophant.

We have a forceful media managers, who would any day turn a survival from intrusion of Pakistan my own country as Kargil Vijay Diwas…:)

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