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Dear Paulians


There was a time in our life when all of us dressed the same way, all of us ate at the same time and we all played together. In those days, there was no Like button yet we freely conveyed our preferences, there were no mobiles and but we talked with our friends everyday and even without daily soaps life was very entertaining.

The above is a snippet of our times in St Paul, Indore. And, thereafter, we have always yearned to commemorate the most beautiful part of our lifetime.

It is our pleasure to inform you and a pride moment for all Paulians that our Alma Mater St Paul is completing 50 years in 2013. The school is organizing the 50-year celebration on a mega scale. Committees have been formed, Charters have been filed, Structuring and Planning are in full swing ;  all of this towards organizing a memorable event.

What can make it more memorable and more enjoyable is the participation from alumni across the globe and from alumni across age-groups. On behalf of St Paul Alumni Association, we invite you to participate in this delightful gathering and be a part of the St Paul Alumni Association for a continued togetherness.


Deepak Agrawal



FAQs :


  1. Who is eligible for membership of St Paul Alumni      Association ?


All students who have EITHER graduated from St Paul OR have studied for a period of three years.


  1. How do I locate my Batch Coordinator ?


Every batch shall have a coordinator. Active volunteers are expected to act as batch coordinators. We are in process of listing the same. You may like to volunteer for the same. Please contact Anoop Agrawal (86) + 91 9827026273 or Govind Agrawal (99) +91 9630020005


3.  What I need to do now ?


Step 1 : Register yourself through the following link :

Step 2. Pay online or through cheque :

Please register yourself on Alumni form above. You may pay the registration/subscription fee by any of the following methods:

• By Cheque – In favour of M/s SPS Alumni payable at Indore, drop in at Axis Bank ATM
• By Net Banking, pay online to M/s SPS Alumni Current Account at M/s Axis Bank Ltd branch Kanadia Road Indore IFSC UTIB0001514 A/c 913020021155829
• By Cash – Deposit INR 1500/- with in 3 days in Alumni Account at School Fees Counter, St Paul HS School, Indore

Step 3. If you are on facebook, you can connect with other alumni members on


Step 4. Once the above is done, you will receive regular information through mails/facebook etc. You should also expect:



Access to Alumni Portal
a) Member Directory Online
b) Discussion Forum
c) Social Network connection
d) LinkedIn Connections
e) Facebook Integration
f) Alumnus Search
g) Mentee-Mentor Relationship
h) Events Planning
i) Photo-Video Sharing
j) Featured Alumni
k) Memorabilia Store


Member Directory (Hard Form)


Participation in Dec 2013- Golden   Jubilee Function Includes food for 1 day (yourself) [Family at extra small   Registration charges]


Basketball / Badminton / Football –   Every Sunday


Email Newsletters


More events – under planning stage,   suggestions invited


Weekly Meet: Every Sunday 10 am, meeting is conducted at high school campus followed by hotdog :) and possibly a match. You are invited to attend the same on regular basis.

Step 5. Invite other friends, friends of friends and join with all for a wonderful celebration in our own St Paul on Dec 21st and 22nd, 2013.



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