toll poll


There has been vandalism at toll booths recently.

There are two aspects : a. If road tax was paid, why to pay toll. b. In a PPP, we need to give incentive to the investor.

Considering that theory b to be true, all of us should pay toll to make the road making business viable. When I say all, I do mean all. No exceptions, including the highest authority of land.

One of the major reason for vandalism at toll booth is not just because people dont want to pay money, but also it is a status symbol. Those who pay are have nots, canadian casino news those who do not are elite. Once the discretionary power is gone, the problem would be automatically solved. This may be called an AAP effect, still it would work for the good of all.

Falling Crude – What should be fuel prices in India?

जो बताया जा रहा है : पेट्रोल के दाम इतने ज्यादा इस लिए है क्योंकि 2014 के पहले सरकार इसपर सब्सिडी देती थी. सब्सिडी से देश के आम नागरिक को नुक्सान है
सच्चाई : पेट्रोल पर से सब्सिडी 2010 से हटा ली गई है। तभी से यह मार्किट के दाम पर बेचा जा रहा है। अगर अतिरिक्त आमदनी होती थी तो डीज़ल को क्रॉस सब्सिडी मिलती थी

 @ USD50  @USD130
Basic Price of Crude         20.00           52.00
Processing + Frieght           9.50              9.50
Cost Price         29.50           61.50
Dealer Commission           3.00              2.20
Nett cost         32.50           63.70
Add Excise         21.50           15.30
Add Vat         14.50
Subtotal 1         68.50           79.00
Misc Cess           6.50                  -
        75.00           79.00
NETT TAX         42.50           15.30
ON FUEL COST         32.50           63.70

We are paying a Tax of over 130% on a commodity of daily use

We normally understand this better when we compare this with our neighbors. Lets compare petrol prices with Pakistan and Nepal

Country Petrol Price Difference
Price Peak Price Today Absolute %
Pakistan         113.00             72.00               41.00 57%
Nepal         140.00             98.00               42.00 43%
India          82.00             76.00                 6.00 8%

So, while in Pakistan, the difference from peak price to today is 57%, in India it is merely 8%

Dont we deserve a better treatment? Dont we deserve a more reasonable fuel prices?

meet the press

While I shouldn’t have ventured into the political arena, still would share this advise

I think Rahul Gandhi should have more interaction with press, informal, formal and should be more accessible to the media.

He should be open to all questions and should be ready to state ignorance on the issues that are beyond his comprehension

My opinion is based on the following facts and assumptions:

  1. One of the major reasons for the success of AAP is their accessibility. And this definitely includes media. Arvind Kejriwal is not only readily available but equally readily accepts the mistakes and ignorance. This is a quality which is more humane. Hindu Gods have always made mistakes. We consider them as Gods with their mistakes.
  2. Whenever an interaction with media has appeared, Rahul has scored huge points.
  3. Once Arvind and Rahul start having open press conferences, Narendra Modi would not have any alternate but to follow suit.
  4. If Narendra Modi does not opens up, he is going to loose. If he opens up, with so many skeletons in the cupboard, he is going to be defensive. Under no circumstances, he would be willing to accept any of the mistakes – factual or administrative. This is what we know of Narendra Modi. If Rahul makes mistakes, he shall always be getting benefit of doubt or ignorance. He has never claimed himself to be perfect. If he does not makes mistakes, He is going to get benefited more than any of the two other players
  5. The risk reward ratio is hugely skewed in favor of Rahul
  6. The risk for Rahul and Arvind is that Narendra Modi may change and become more accommodating. But that would be a Good sign for India and BJP

thank you

St Paul Indore Alumni Association was launched on 21st and 22nd Dec 2013. It was made possible by selfless support of

Abhay Khandelwal

Abhimanyu S Chouhan

Akhilesh Khandelwal

Anoop Agrawal

Arpit Arora

Deepesh Salgia

Harsh Bhan

Mohan Gupta

Nihar Dalal

Nitesh Mittal

Rajesh Dawani

Rajesh Francis

Rajiv Gupta

Raghu Parmar

Ravi Tanwar

Sandeep Mulchandani

Sandeep Vasudev

Sanjay Kundra

Sumit Gupta

Sunil Kedia

I stand indebted

Indian Polity – beyond social media

I am flabbergasted by what I just saw on TV and thought to share.

Congress is at its lowest level of popularity. With the ingovernance, policy paralysis, indecision, high inflation, low GDP, it has lost all moral and legal rights to govern the country will only get 28% of vote share. It should immediately call elections and crown hugely popular, progressive BJP decisive , strong Government which shall get a whopping 27% votes.

CNN IBN shows that BJP at huge advantage to Congress because of one and only Leader (Na bhooto Na bhavishyati..). The existing government is at its lowest point and can only go up from here. The Viraat swaroop Super Hero is most popular, efficient, development oriented, industry friendly leader. He is one and only choice of India and would get polled a Huge 34% as against some Pappu which he can win ten times over who is only choice of meagre 32%.

The condition is so pathetic for Congress that it would get ruined this election. BJP shall get 15 more seats (it is a different matter though that BJP would fall short by atleast 100 seats to get clear majority).

The Youth of India is fed up with such mis governance, corruption and old age leaders. Our 63 year young leader is clear choice of first time voters and has a huge following of 34% of first time voters. The old 44 year pappu is faaar faaaaaaaaaaaar behind and would only get 33% votes.

It projects the vote percentage of NDA at whopping 29%. It projects the UPA would merely get 29% if the elections are held today.

The performance of Manmohan Singh is so bad that only 63% still love him…

A pro BJP paper Hindu with Subramaniyam Swamy and N Ram (the bofors fame) has proved that there is a clear wave in favour of SuperMan. In case if they would not have said that, we would have sent some sena to burn their studios. After all we are a democratic country. We prove this by a Chandan Mitra who has never won a school award can always demand to strip off a Nobel Laureate from Bharat Ratna and can insist doing so for reasons best known to all of us and still has not risk of being called a sycophant.

We have a forceful media managers, who would any day turn a survival from intrusion of Pakistan my own country as Kargil Vijay Diwas…:)

St Paul Indore Alumni Association

Dear Paulians


There was a time in our life when all of us dressed the same way, all of us ate at the same time and we all played together. In those days, there was no Like button yet we freely conveyed our preferences, there were no mobiles and but we talked with our friends everyday and even without daily soaps life was very entertaining.

The above is a snippet of our times in St Paul, Indore. And, thereafter, we have always yearned to commemorate the most beautiful part of our lifetime.

It is our pleasure to inform you and a pride moment for all Paulians that our Alma Mater St Paul is completing 50 years in 2013. The school is organizing the 50-year celebration on a mega scale. Committees have been formed, Charters have been filed, Structuring and Planning are in full swing ;  all of this towards organizing a memorable event.

What can make it more memorable and more enjoyable is the participation from alumni across the globe and from alumni across age-groups. On behalf of St Paul Alumni Association, we invite you to participate in this delightful gathering and be a part of the St Paul Alumni Association for a continued togetherness.


Deepak Agrawal



FAQs :


  1. Who is eligible for membership of St Paul Alumni      Association ?


All students who have EITHER graduated from St Paul OR have studied for a period of three years.


  1. How do I locate my Batch Coordinator ?


Every batch shall have a coordinator. Active volunteers are expected to act as batch coordinators. We are in process of listing the same. You may like to volunteer for the same. Please contact Anoop Agrawal (86) + 91 9827026273 or Govind Agrawal (99) +91 9630020005


3.  What I need to do now ?


Step 1 : Register yourself through the following link :

Step 2. Pay online or through cheque :

Please register yourself on Alumni form above. You may pay the registration/subscription fee by any of the following methods:

• By Cheque – In favour of M/s SPS Alumni payable at Indore, drop in at Axis Bank ATM
• By Net Banking, pay online to M/s SPS Alumni Current Account at M/s Axis Bank Ltd branch Kanadia Road Indore IFSC UTIB0001514 A/c 913020021155829
• By Cash – Deposit INR 1500/- with in 3 days in Alumni Account at School Fees Counter, St Paul HS School, Indore

Step 3. If you are on facebook, you can connect with other alumni members on


Step 4. Once the above is done, you will receive regular information through mails/facebook etc. You should also expect:



Access to Alumni Portal
a) Member Directory Online
b) Discussion Forum
c) Social Network connection
d) LinkedIn Connections
e) Facebook Integration
f) Alumnus Search
g) Mentee-Mentor Relationship
h) Events Planning
i) Photo-Video Sharing
j) Featured Alumni
k) Memorabilia Store


Member Directory (Hard Form)


Participation in Dec 2013- Golden   Jubilee Function Includes food for 1 day (yourself) [Family at extra small   Registration charges]


Basketball / Badminton / Football –   Every Sunday


Email Newsletters


More events – under planning stage,   suggestions invited


Weekly Meet: Every Sunday 10 am, meeting is conducted at high school campus followed by hotdog :) and possibly a match. You are invited to attend the same on regular basis.

Step 5. Invite other friends, friends of friends and join with all for a wonderful celebration in our own St Paul on Dec 21st and 22nd, 2013.